Full-Service Tea Shop in New Braunfels

We are creating the first specialized loose-leaf tea shop in New Braunfels. While there is no shortage of online retailers of fine quality teas, there is no substitute for seeing, smelling, and sampling these botanicals. We are offering this in a safe, comfortable environment.

At the New Braunfels Tea Company, you will have access to a wide variety of all types of tea from around the world. You can partake in our daily free samples, have a cup of any of our teas to go, or get a solid recommendation from our expertly trained staff.

We are in contact with suppliers around the world, and we are hoping to open our doors to the public sometime in 2021-2022. In the meantime, we would love to hear from you. Drop us a line, and let us know what location would be convenient for you and what sorts of products you would like to see. Thank you!